so i walked into the club, started gettin my freak on the dance floor.

so i started attracting all of the sexy ladys, i spose they wanted a peice of the action.. who am i to tell a bitch no?

so yeah, i saw the hoe.. showed her i was interested and asked her how much..


your not a hooker are you?!

When Ppl hate off your swag…..


You don’t think my joke was funny?


When you tell a funny joke and you’re all like

and your REALLY dying laughing like 

then everyone else is like 

You dont think my joke was funny? 

Now…..you die. 

Being weird is so much fun…


when someone talks to you:

when you and your bestfriend say something at the same time:

At a 5 star restoraunt:


Talking to your crush:

Explaining directions to someone:


Giving your bestfriend a hug:

And people just look at you like:

and you’re just like:


Today, I was pissed, and I tried many things just to lower it down.

First, I tried to channel my anger by this:

But nooo, it was really needed to make me go like this:

But, I can’t do anything, can I? That’s why, in the end, I was only like:

roommate gone?



When you & your friend are dancing

And people are staring at you like:

& You’re like:

And you & your friend walk away like: